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2012-07-03 22:29:51 by Document42

plz give me oponions


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2012-07-08 01:10:33

My opinions:

1. Quit the crappy spelling. It's not to anyone but maybe a few of your friends. To the rest of us, it sounds childish and makes you look stupid. Don't do that.

2. Stop ragging on people who make a comment in the reviews that you don't like. Replying with, "so is ur face OWNED" doesn't help your situation at all. Again, it makes you sound childish and look stupid to not just the person you told off, but the rest of us as well. The person "OWNED" in the above comment was not the reviewer.

I'm not ragging on you, bud. If I was, I'd have said "OMG, u r liek such a luzor "...ok, I can't even do it. You're better at writing in stupid talk than I am. But really, bud, if you submit things, people are going to rate and review them- bad or good depends on what you submit. Good things get good reviews, and bad things get reviews like you've received so far. What you've been doing so far hasn't been helping your status any.

Make good animations and submit them. If it's crappy, improve it, or don't submit it. If you think it's crap, everyone else will too. Why bother with it, y'know? Why submit something that'll only get a low score?

If you need help, you can type "tutorial" in the GAMES search at the top of the screen. Or go to "Creator Resources" at the bottom of the screen. Or look for flash tutorials on your beloved youtube.

If you can't handle it yet, then don't submit anything until your older and/or more mature. If you want to continue to rag on people like you've been doing, turn off the computer and go watch Dora The Explorer with the rest of the little kids.

Hope this helps. :)


2012-11-18 14:44:15

Take out that profile image.




2013-02-26 20:43:06

I Agree with Exedor when you post something on Newgrounds either they like it or they hate it it just how it is and you can't get mad when they disagree with your...whatever that was I just saw. Any way no matter how childish the comments may be you must accept them and even if you do not want to with every fiber in your body you will also have to take the advice (within reason).


2015-05-18 22:56:51

What the hell's an "oponion?"

I also agree with Exedor. You obviously haven't been paying attention, though.